Eight months summary

Here is a summary of the sort of work that I have been involved with since starting in July 2014:

  • I have participated in the ‘Staff Student Enterprise’ meetings (held monthly) that take place at the Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU). This is in conjunction with other staff members who are working on enterprise from a variety of angles such as:
    • Teaching modules related to enterprise
    • Student outreach
    • MOOCs
    • Weekly Wednesday evening workshops from the Enterprise section at Loughborough University
    • The Enterprise Hub at the LSU where students can drop in to discuss their initial ideas
    • The Studio in the Design School supporting Loughborough graduates develop sustainable businesses
    • CONNECT (student-led activities) supported by CEDE
    • Think BIG competition
  • After reviewing feedback from students using our rooms and facilities here at CEDE (survey set up by the previous CEDE Intern, Raimat Ali), each computer now has AutoCAD and MATLAB installed.
  • I compiled statistics of our room usage for the Stakeholder Report 2013-2014.
  • The CEDE team spent the away day afternoon brainstorming how to change the culture of teaching and learning within the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering. As a graduate from the School, my ideas and understanding of how the School works from a student’s perspective were invaluable.
  • I attended the UNITECH Start-Up Week in Delft, Netherlands and presented my topic on ‘Emotional Engagement’ at the UNITECH Trialogue. Check out this blog post here.
  • CEDE produce a monthly eBulletin for those signed up to our mailing list. I have written a couple of articles and mentioned a number of events that could be included.
  • I promoted the Sustainability Newsletter sent out by the Sustainability team on approximately a monthly basis to colleagues in CEDE.
  • One of my responsibilities include managing the resources in the Centre and locking up at the end of the day.
  • I provided advice and supported the CONNECT committee when they organised their events such as the Symposium in November 2014 and recently the PwC ‘A Day in the Life of a Consultant’ Workshop last week.
  • I attended a seminar by Nick Falkner, an educator and researcher at the School of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide. The title of this seminar was ‘Learning Analytics: What We Measure Because We Can and What We Should Measure’. This informed our work on the analytics functionality in Co-Tutor.
  • Arranged for a pop-up banner to be created that promotes the facilities (including rooms) that CEDE has to offer to the staff and students of four Engineering Schools and the Loughborough Design School. This has been used in conjunction with flyers to promote our facilities.
  • I created a discussion forum on a module on Learn specifically for EDEN FLIX which students and staff can use before and after the film screening.
  • Loughborough Design School requested generic assessment criteria to be created that could be used across all their programmes. This started off with a literature review which was used as a springboard to create our own version that meets the needs of the Design School but can also be applied across the university in the future. More information can be found here.
  • From the away day session, the ideas were used to form a project for enhancing learning and teaching with technology for the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering. My input into this project was to benchmark how content was delivered, the use of lecture capture, any mobile apps that are appropriate, MOOCs, the use of remote labs for those doing distance learning courses and dedicated software for the discipline. This was quite an extensive review which will now feed on to what are the best options for the School. More information can be found here in due course.
  • VC Bob has been getting involved with UNITECH for the last two General Assemblies. This year, he wanted to meet with our incoming UNITECH students 2014/2015 to welcome them at the beginning of term and then hold an evaluation session near the end of term. They all enjoyed the hospitality and I’m glad that I got the opportunity to organise and attend the meeting as well.
  • I have contacted Programme Presidents for the five Schools that we support to let them know of the facilities that are available here. In turn, the plan was to engage them to promote it to their peers and those that they represent on an academic level.
  • During the course of the academic year, there have been various competitions running for students to get involved with to use their engineering/design knowledge and skills. I have promoted these through the School admins via email and via our Twitter account. There was also a #ShareMyThesis competition which aimed to engage postgraduate researchers (PGRs).
  • I have supported CASPA by entering assessments for engineering/design modules and also assisting School admins with any difficulties they have via email/phone. Furthermore, I have updated our student and staff guides on how to use CASPA which will be published in due course.
  • With the support of my colleagues, I have organised the UNITECH Mid-Term-Week 2015 that was held on the first week of the spring term 2015 and supported the UNITECH Assessment Centre 2015.
  • I attended a workshop titled ‘Introduction to Online Assessment’ hosted by the Centre for Academic Practice on Wednesday 14th January 2015. This enabled me to complete my literature review on e-Assessment, e-Submission and e-Marking tools for a Wolfson project. You can find more information in due course here.
  • I’ve updated the Kit-Catalogue case study that will be used by the Centre and Jisc in promoting the tool to registered members as part of the Greening ICT programme.
  • By the end of this week I will have organised five film screenings as part of the EDEN FLIX initiative supported by CEDE. The first four were compered by guest speakers from either academia or industry.

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