UNITECH GA 2014 follow up

A long time ago I mentioned that I would share some photos and video footage that Abdi and I had taken whilst we were at the UNITECH General Assembly (GA) 2014 in Delft, Netherlands. I’m sure some of you may have come across the videos if you’re part of the UNITECH Alumni Association. Anyway, in order to reminisce what happened and to give an idea of what we’re looking forward to in Dublin for the UNITECH GA 2015, take a look at the links below.

UNITECH Trialogue 2014 – Round 1

UNITECH Trialogue 2014 – Round 2

UNITECH Trialogue 2014 – Round 3

UNITECH Trialogue 2014 – Round 4

UNITECH Graduation 2014

In case you did not see my comment on my earlier blog post, here are some photos taken by photographers appointed by Delft University of Technology (aka TU Delft).

I forgot that Abdi and I had taken some photos during the event as well. So here’s a different perspective and a reminder of some of the great ideas by the 2013-14 and 2014-15 students.

Maybe see you in Dublin?


EDEN FLIX Presents: No Impact Man


I have the pleasure of presenting to you our ninth and final EDEN FLIX film screening for this academic year 2014/2015 – ‘No Impact Man’. This will take place on Wednesday 27th May 2015 at 15:00 in the Design Studio, 1st Floor Keith Green Building, Loughborough University. This documentary looks at how Colin Beaven decided to undertake an experiment of a zero impact lifestyle on the environment for one year, taking his wife and daughter along with him. It’s a refreshing look at how life can be different in a good way when we no longer rely on the items that are part of the consumerist society and look towards what nature has to offer us. Take a break from revision/research, come down with your own snacks and have a cup of tea/coffee/juice/water on us. 🙂

EDEN FLIX Presents: ‘Gasland Part II’


The next three weeks are quite busy here at CEDE with back to back EDEN FLIX screenings on a weekly basis on Wednesdays. This week we have Four Horsemen, followed by ‘Gasland Part II’ which will take place on Wednesday 25th February 2015 at 15:00 in the Cope Auditorium, Loughborough University (note change of venue). As a precursor to the film, it may be worthwhile watching Gasland and attending a discussion event by Friends of the Earth on Tue 24th Feb, 7pm. Further details can be found here. You are able to discuss any films that take place on our Learn forum.

UNITECH Assessment Centre 2015

The Centre for Engineering and Design Education (CEDE) at Loughborough University hosted the UNITECH Assessment Centre on Thursday 12th February 2015. This was for students looking to participate in the UNITECH programme during 2015/2016. Students had to submit a full application similar to what would be submitted for an internship (placement) year or a graduate job in industry. This included a full study plan at three academic partners, three goals that the individual wishes to achieve through the UNITECH programme, competency questions and an up to date CV. The day was led by David Ward, Secretary General for UNITECH and included six assessors from five Corporate Partners (CPs). These were Caterpillar, Evonik, Hilti, SKF and ZF Services UK.

The day consisted of an introduction to UNITECH and those present. The students were split up into three groups for a group exercise. Followed by a short break, students prepared for their presentations based on a case study provided on the day. This was my first opportunity to ‘invigilate’. These were presented to the assessors and once all had completed this it was time for lunch. This provided an opportunity for the students to network with each other as well as the assessors. After lunch, each student had an individual interview with one assessor. This was followed by an evaluation session by all assessors, David Ward, the Local Coordinator Dr Adam Crawford and the Programme Director Dr Ashraf El-Hamalawi. I shadowed this session to learn more about how decisions are made on candidates, which will be useful later on when I have to participate in the recruitment of the next CEDE Intern. At the end, each student was given individual feedback on areas they did well in and how they can develop in other areas, whether they made it through to the programme or not. Finally, the day was brought to a close with further information on the programme by David and Ashraf followed by a Q&A session.

Overall, the UNITECH recruitment and selection process was a success, with our highest ever number of applications (13) from five departments/Schools and 10 selected to be on the programme (with one reserve).

The five departments/Schools are:

  • Chemical Engineering department
  • Design School
  • School of Civil and Building Engineering
  • School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
  • Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

You can find some of the photos from the assessment centre here.

EDEN FLIX Presents: ‘Four Horsemen’


Our fourth EDEN FLIX film screening of ‘Four Horsemen’ will take place on Wednesday 18th February 2015 at 15:00 in the Design Studio, 1st Floor Keith Green Building, Loughborough University. You are all cordially invited to learn more about what the film depicts as the ‘flaws in the economic system’ across the world and how it is possible for all of us to get involved to develop a ‘moral and just society’. This film will be compered by Jeremy Leaman, Senior Lecturer in German within the department of Politics, History and International Relations at Loughborough University.

UNITECH Mid-Term-Week 2015

Loughborough University hosted the UNITECH Mid-Term-Week 2015 between Sunday 4th – Friday 9th January 2015. This is the second time it has been hosted here since Loughborough joined the UNITECH Programme in 2010, with the first time in 2012 when I was part of the programme as a student. This time the roles were reversed as I was an Academic Partner (AP) and as part of my intern duties organised the event with Kate Everest with support from Dr Adam Crawford and Dr Ashraf El-Hamalawi. We would like to thank Room Bookings (Carmela Valentine and Mike Earl) who supported us in securing the rooms that we needed during the first teaching week back after the Christmas holidays. Catering was provided by the Refresh service from imago which everyone enjoyed and we would like to thank them for their flexibility during the week.

There were 79 students, eight coaches and 20 corporate case advisors who attended overall. This is the second joint module in which the exchange students participate, developing their non-technical core skills and using them in their groups for a case provided by the Corporate Partners (CPs).

The week started off with a Welcome Dinner at The Link Hotel, on Sunday night at 19:00. It was a traditional English dinner with a choice of fish and chips, lasagne or vegetarian lasagne followed by dessert.

On Monday, it was an early start with registration at 08:30, followed by an introduction at 09:00 from Professor Chris Linton, Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Next, Bob Reed, Senior Programme Manager for the Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC), presented the AP lecture on behalf of Loughborough University. This focused on communication skills and how to work in multifaceted groups, relating to his experience in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Students asked questions at the end and used the skills gained throughout the week in their case assignments. The coaching perspective started at 11:00 with David Ward, main Coach from UNITECH International Society in the Keith Green Building. This was followed by lunch at 12:00 and then at 13:00 the students started working on their case assignments in their allocated groups. At 15:30, we were all invited to the Caterpillar Visitor Centre in Desford, Leicestershire, by one of the UNITECH CPs, Caterpillar. This gave UNITECH participants a chance to learn more about what Caterpillar does and speak to senior engineers and managers as well as graduates. Also, this gave Caterpillar a chance to learn about the talent that UNITECH offers to them as a CP.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the students spent their time gaining some coaching advice and working in their case assignment groups to complete their presentations for Friday. They had an opportunity to discuss some of their ideas that they had worked on since the end of November with their Corporate Case Advisors (CCAs) on Wednesday afternoon.

All groups presented their ideas to all participants on Friday. BPA – best presentation award was awarded to the ZF group and there were several runner ups receiving recognition due to their ideas and the impact they made. The students had a chance to reflect on their work throughout the week at the end of the day with the UNITECH coaches.

In the evening, the Networking Dinner took place at Burleigh Court. This provided the students with an opportunity to network with the CCAs who are CPs as they aim to secure an internship that is a mandatory part of the UNITECH programme. Finally, one of the UNITECH Alumni Association Local Chapter Coordinator (UAA LCC) for the UK, Samuel Nunn, hosted a party at Vodka Revolutions in Loughborough.

Overall, the event was a success with lots of positive feedback from the students about the Caterpillar Visit and the running of the week. Photos from the week can be found here and will shortly be presented in the UAA Digest to the rest of the UNITECH network. More information about the week, including the schedule can be found on the CEDE website (correct as of Monday 19th January 2015).

Keith Green rooms usage 2014-15 (Semester 1, Weeks 1 – 9)

Being part of Loughborough means that we all love the element of competition. Here are the ‘results’ for the first nine weeks of this academic year 2014-2015. You can compare with last year’s overall results here. This also contains an explanation of the statistics from last year.





Remember, if all our rooms are booked you are more than welcome to use the team tables that we have in the foyer. Also, if a room has been vacant for more than 15 minutes, this will be allocated to anyone else that needs a room. (Unless prior arrangements have been made with CEDE to start at a specific time.)

Who’s going to ‘win’ this year? Spread the word!